Workoutz 10-Pack Mini Loop Ankle Resistance Band Set

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SOLD IN PACKS OF 10. Premium Workoutz brand ankle/knee resistance bands. One of the most widely used fitness loop style bands worldwide. Ideal for lower body exercises. Plain, unmarked bands with no insignias or logos. May have a light vanilla scent. This product is intended for lower body exercises involving forward, lateral, and backward movements. It can also be used for rehab/therapy, group fitness classes, and more. Ankle resistance bands may contain traces of dry rubber or natural latex and are not suggested for those with latex allergies.

Color Max Resistance Height/Thickness Unstretched Length Width
Red 6.6 lbs .15 mm (5.91 mils) 12 in 1 in
Orange 9 lbs .20 mm (7.87 mils) 12 in 1 in
Yellow 12 lbs .25 mm (9.84 mils) 12 in 2 in
Green 16 lbs .30 mm (11.81 mils) 12 in 2 in
Indigo 30 lbs .53 mm (20.87 mils) 12 in 2 in
Violet 40 lbs .68 mm (26.77 mils) 13 in 2 in