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Workoutz Indoor Poles w/Bases (6) - Detachable

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Workoutz Indoor Poles w/Bases (6) - Detachable
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Perform an infinite number of agility drills. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Great for lacrosse, soccer, football, aquatics, and more. Weave in and out of the poles to mimic real-world sports movement patterns. Constructed of durable PVC material. The poles are 60 inches long and include a dome base that can be filled with sand or any weighted object that will fit in the 1" hole (e.g. screws). The detachable poles come apart in the center, which may be useful for storage or transportation in a vehicle. Complete set includes the following: 6 detachable poles and 6 bases. Pole length: 60 inches. Weight: 7 lbs per set. Color: Yellow

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